2024 Texas Army Winter Camp (CORE QUALIFIER) – CANCELLED

Friday, February 9, 2024 - Sunday, February 11, 2024
at Winter Camp in Columbus, TX

1147 FM 1890
Columbus, TX 78934
(near Columbus, Texas)

Winter Camp, formally known as “Pilgrims Camp” is an opportunity for newcomers to be introduced to the re-enacting hobby, a chance to talk to the old timers and learn what it takes to become a historical re-enactor. Visit the camps and see the dress of 1830’s Texas. Some encampments will be selling gently used clothing and period correct items, while others will offer new items for purchase. Visitors are cordially invited to ask questions of the participants to learn what it takes to become a Texas history re-enactor.

A fee of $5.00 for walk-ins; $10.00 for those camping is required to offset the cost off liability insurance.

No food vendors will be available on site however the city of Columbus is close by with many fine eating establishments.

For those camping and preparing meals on site, you will need to bring firewood.

Witness or practice live fire. Only Texas War for Independence period firearms are allowed. For those desiring to qualify for the Colonel Commission, live fire with range management will be available. Those desiring to practice live fire are also welcome. All live fire will be controlled and monitored by the Range Manager.

Colonel Commission Live Fire Requirements:

  1. The Colonel Commission participant will provide their own approved firearm, black powder, patches, lead round balls, measures, etc., (anything the shooter needs to shoot will be provided by the participant).
  2. Participants may shoot another persons firearm as long as that arrangement is made prior to the shoot.
  3. The participant must show proficiency with the firearm and materials during the shoot.
  4. Firearm: Must be a flintlock or cap-and-ball muzzle loading replica with fixed sites (i.e., no scopes, no adjustment of sites during the firing process, no modern muzzle loading firearms, no actual period muzzle loading firearms).
  5. Powder: Black Powder rated between 1 to 4F appropriate for the firearm utilized (no modern powders)
  6. Projectiles: Lead round balls appropriately sized for the firearm.
  7. The Range Manager will maintain utmost safety on the range and also monitor Colonel Commission Shoot Requirements
  8. Each participant will be mentored by a duly Commissioned Colonel
  9. All weapons and materials will be inspected before live fire commences. Any weapons / materials failing inspection will NOT be used in the live fire event.
  10. Target: 9” paper plate (will be provided by the Texas Army)
  11. Distance from the Target: 50 yards
  12. The shooter must hit the Target with five (5) consecutive shots to qualify for the Colonel’s Commission
  13. Shooting Stance: Free standing stance (no rests, benches, or cross-arms are allowed for the shots to count)

For more information contact:

Colonel Jerry Tubbs
(713) 806-8924

Colonel Tony Montez (Range Manager)
(409) 204-9877


Winter Camp
FM1890 off of Hwy 71 (W)
Columbus, TX

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