Throughout the year, the Texas Army participates in many various events related to Texas History. Please join us at these events and relive Texas history. Events, dates, and times all subject to change.

Battle of Bejar

Saturday, December 14, 2019
San Antonio, TX

Come and witness the five day battle for the city of Bejar located in downtown San Antonio at Historical La Villita (just 3 blocks south of Alamo Plaza).  The battle will conclude with the surrender of the Mexican garrison to the Texian Federalist Army. There will be two battles 1st at 10:45 AM and the second at 2:15 PM.

Winter’s Camp

Friday, January 10, 2020 - Sunday, January 12, 2020
Columbus, TX

Winter Camp, formally know as “Pilgrims Camp” is an opportunity for new comers to the reenacting hobby a chance to talk to the old timers and learn what it takes to become a historical re-enactor. Visit the camps and see the dress of  1836 Texas. Some encampments will be selling gently used clothing and period correct items while others will offer new items for purchase. Visitors are cordially invited to ask questions to the participants to learn what it takes to become a Texas history re-enactor. A $5.00 per person or family fee is required to offset the cost off liability insurance. Sorry but no food vendors will be available on site but the city of Columbus is close by with many fine eating establishments.

You may also witness live fire from the Texas Army Colonels honing their shooting skills or those shooting their requirement to obtain a commission as a Colonel in the Texas Army. All done with muzzleloading weapons of the 1836 time period.

Lecture on  History of the Forts Velasco—By Chris Kneupper

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