New Colonel Candidates

by The Texas Army

Congratulations to Joe Weathersby and Doug Houston.  Last month at Winter Camp they both completed their marksmanship requirement to become candidates for Colonel in the Texas Army.   Both had been practicing prior to the event,  and it showed.   The marksmanship requirement is that a shooter place five consecutive shots into a 9 inch pie plate at 50 yards,  using a black powder muzzleloader with fixed sights and round lead balls.   It is not an easy feat, but you would have thought it was a cake-walk if you had watched them shoot.   They did a great job!     In addition to the marksmanship requirement,  a member in good standing with The Texas Army can apply for candidacy as a Colonel once they have completed a minimum of 5 qualifying events, and demonstrate an excellence in the knowledge of Texas history.   Upon review and acceptance, candidates commissions are signed by the Governor of Texas and presented each year at the San Jacinto monument during the commemoration of the Battle of San Jacinto.   Doug and Joe join Howard Rose (who qualified late last year) as our current group of candidates.   Brigadier General Emmitte will be facilitating 2 additional shooting days in hopes of getting more people qualified before we make a visit to the Capital.  Who will be our next candidates?

Congratulations to Howard Rose

by The Texas Army

Please join the General Staff in congratulating the most recent Texas Army member to qualify for his commission as Colonel.   Howard has completed the requisites of participating in a minimum of 5 qualifying scheduled events,  and a week ago Saturday he made 5 consecutive shots into a 9 inch plate using his Lyman muzzleloader.   General Emmitte, Colonels Hankla and Roberts were present,  along with Rusty McLaughlin and Rion Braddock.     Howard will be awarded his commission at the San Jacinto ceremony next spring.

We will have several more qualifying shooting events throughout this season.  General Emmitte anticipates another range day for November, 2017.  Stay tuned for further details.   If you have participated in at least 3 scheduled qualifying Texas Army events,  and you have interest in doing your live-fire shooting qualification,  please contact General Emmitte.


Saying Goodbye to Judge Paul Till

by Erlinda Tubbs

The Texas Army is sad to announce the passing of Colonel Paul Till. Judge Paul Heath Till passed away on Wednesday, May 31, 2017.

Colonel Till has served the Army since 1977.

Colonel Till leaves behind his three sons and their wives.