New Colonel Candidates

by The Texas Army

Congratulations to Joe Weathersby and Doug Houston.  Last month at Winter Camp they both completed their marksmanship requirement to become candidates for Colonel in the Texas Army.   Both had been practicing prior to the event,  and it showed.   The marksmanship requirement is that a shooter place five consecutive shots into a 9 inch pie plate at 50 yards,  using a black powder muzzleloader with fixed sights and round lead balls.   It is not an easy feat, but you would have thought it was a cake-walk if you had watched them shoot.   They did a great job!     In addition to the marksmanship requirement,  a member in good standing with The Texas Army can apply for candidacy as a Colonel once they have completed a minimum of 5 qualifying events, and demonstrate an excellence in the knowledge of Texas history.   Upon review and acceptance, candidates commissions are signed by the Governor of Texas and presented each year at the San Jacinto monument during the commemoration of the Battle of San Jacinto.   Doug and Joe join Howard Rose (who qualified late last year) as our current group of candidates.   Brigadier General Emmitte will be facilitating 2 additional shooting days in hopes of getting more people qualified before we make a visit to the Capital.  Who will be our next candidates?

Congratulations to Howard Rose

by The Texas Army

Please join the General Staff in congratulating the most recent Texas Army member to qualify for his commission as Colonel.   Howard has completed the requisites of participating in a minimum of 5 qualifying scheduled events,  and a week ago Saturday he made 5 consecutive shots into a 9 inch plate using his Lyman muzzleloader.   General Emmitte, Colonels Hankla and Roberts were present,  along with Rusty McLaughlin and Rion Braddock.     Howard will be awarded his commission at the San Jacinto ceremony next spring.

We will have several more qualifying shooting events throughout this season.  General Emmitte anticipates another range day for November, 2017.  Stay tuned for further details.   If you have participated in at least 3 scheduled qualifying Texas Army events,  and you have interest in doing your live-fire shooting qualification,  please contact General Emmitte.


Texas Army Dispatch for September 2017

by The Texas Army

From the Camp & Artillery Officer

I hope this finds all doing well and surviving the heat and humidity. As this is the Army’s downtime it is a good time to check your weapon and accoutrements. Please take the time to give your weapon a good cleaning and going over. If you have a percussion weapon, make certain the drum and nipple are clean and clear. If you have a flintlock weapon, make sure you have a fresh, sharp flint and the vent hole is clear. Always store your weapon after cleaning with the muzzle facing down and a paper down under the muzzle to collect any oil that could drain into the breech if stored in the upright position. Check your shooting bag to be certain it will contain only blank cartridges. No metal objects or bullets are to be in the bag for safety reasons. This is especially important for those who use their bag for primitive hunting. Once the hunting season is over, please take the time to empty your shooting bag before coming to any events. That’s all for now. Enjoy your summer and I shall see you in the Fall.

For God and Texas,
Full General Jerry Tubbs


Schedule for 2017

About the time I believe I have a schedule that is immutable for this year, of course, there are changes. Still we have a schedule now that has all the major events.

September 2017

16th – Texas Heroes Day-Monument Hill, La Grange*- Texas Army Uniforms, 9:00 AM-12:00 noon. Fire salutes only. 414 State Loop 92. Lunch provided Saturday. Camping for Friday and Saturday nights.  Questions contact 979-968-5658.

17th – Celebrate the signing of the US Constitution with Belles Across America 2:30 PM West Columbia at the first  Capital Building of the Texas Republic Replica located 512 East Brazos Street, more information contact Mary Ruth  Rhodenbaugh, 979-480-3567  or email: [email protected]

October 2017

7th  – Parade & Battle of Gonzales  9:00-4:00 “Come and Take It” Festival, * COLTHA, Camping available for Friday and Saturday evenings. Dinner provided Saturday evening. Bring your own firewood. Load up at Pioneer Village at 9:00 for the parade beginning at 10:00 AM. Battle begins at 3:30 PM. Dinner at 5:30 PM. Enter Pioneer Village thru the back gate, Off of I-10 travel south on US 183. Turn right on Alt. US 90 then turn left on FM 794 towards Harwood. Questions contact David Scott [email protected]

14th – 15th – Texas in Revolt Fall 1835/Kirby, Texas SALHA, Kirby Friendship Park, 5699 Binz-Englemann Rd. East. Camping permitted. Horses, artillery, infantry welcomed. contact SALHA website For registration or 210-273-1730.

20th – 21st – Texian Market Days/George Ranch-*, 9:00-5:00 camping welcomed. George Ranch Historical Park, 10215 FM 762, Richmond, Texas, School kids on Friday.  Required registration and attendance contact  [email protected] or JR Thomas, 281-343-0218 ext.278

November 2017

4th – Stephen F. Austin “Father of Texas Celebration” and campout honoring Steven F. Austin– San Felipe, Texas,  I-10 West to San Antonio turn north on FM 1458 to San Felipe de Austin State Historical site. Ceremony 9:00-12:00. Camping at the usual campsite. Texas Army-*,contact Gen. Jerry Tubbs, Inspection of Arms 8:00-8:30 AM.  [email protected] Texas Army Uniforms, salutes only.

4th – Stephen F. Austin’s Birthday at the Statue-Munson Park, Angleton, 10-2:00. Musket salutes,  Hwy 288 and Hwy 35. For more information contact James Glover at 979-239-8718, or

11th –  CANCELLED Veterans’ Day Parade/Houston Texas Army CANCELLED

11th – Pioneer Days at Jesse Jones Park.  1830’s interpretations and demonstrations.  Afternoon skirmish between Texian militia and Mexican forces.   Cavalry is welcome.  Camping available Friday and Saturday nights.   Arrive by 8:30am, safety meeting at 9:00am.  Event ends at 4:00pm.  Saturday lunch and dinner provided.  Jesse Jones Park is located near IAH airport at 20634 Kenswick Drive, Humble.   Additional event information is posted on the Facebook Group “The Texas Army”. Registration information is available at

December 2017

9th – Battle of Bejar/San Antonio SALHA-*, 8:00 – 9:00 Check in and Arms Inspection. 10:00-4:00, one day event. La Villita’s Maverick Park, 418 Villita Street, lunch provided.  contact SALHA for registration 210-201-6653.

9th -10th – Candlelight Tours, Log Cabin, Sam Houston Park, 9th 3:00-9:00 PM, 10th 4:00-8:00 PM, The Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park, 1100 Bagby Street, Houston, Texas. Contact 713-655-1912  or [email protected]


Safety Rules

Some of us need a reminder every now then what the rules and regulations are for our firing salutes at our ceremonial events. So here they are. Before our season begins a review of them never hurts and often times it can eliminate a whole lot of embarrassment.

  • There will be no clearing of weapons at event. No caps fired in grass, etc. No ramrods are to be used at events but may remain in weapon, unless otherwise instructed. Following TPWL guidelines no antique weapons are to be fired because of safety concerns. Antique firearms are acceptable for non-firing events. All weapons must be properly cleaned before event for inspection.
  • USE ONLY BLACK POWDER IN MUZZLELOADERS. Due to safety concerns the minimum caliber allowed for the firing of salutes is .40 cal. with .45 cal. or larger being preferable.
  • TREAT EVERY GUN AS LOADED. NEVER BLOW DOWN THE BARREL OF ANY FIREARM. NO BLOW TUBES. Never point the weapon at yourself or anyone else. Those who persist in doing so after being respectfully asked to please not do so will not be allowed to participate. Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction at all times, including while loading. Never lean over the muzzle. Make priming the pan or capping the nipple the last step of loading while hammer is in the HALF COCK POSITION.
  • BEFORE FIRING, be aware of the location of other people around you.
  • Load weapon from paper cartridges only. Never pour powder into a weapon from a powder horn, no spouts on powder horns. Loaded cartridges should consist of paper and powder only- no staples, wire, tape etc. Cartridges must be kept separate in a dedicated shooting bag with cover. The shooting bag must contain paper cartridges only- no lead balls, bullets of any type, glass vials, speed loaders, tools, misc. items, etc. THE SHOOTING BAGS AND WEAPONS WILL BE INSPECTED AT ALL EVENTS.
  • Flintlock weapons must have frizzen stalls and flash guards.

Troops that is the bunch, please read and adhere and have fun and be safe for yourself and others.


From the Communications Officer

As I reported to you earlier, we have had a change in the General Staff. Our Treasurer for many years, Col. Earl Shanks has moved to Oklahoma. He submitted his resignation to the General Staff, but he was still instrumental in selecting our new Treasurer, Col. Steve Roberts. Steve comes from Minnesota and has an extensive background in law enforcement. He runs his own business and tinkers with being a gunsmith. He brings an intelligence and wisdom to the Staff which we welcome. He will be heading up the Social with his wife, Anne, for next year. He already has many innovative ideas. Earl Shanks will be missed, especially around the campfire when he and Charlie Yates would pontificate for many hours—smoking cigars and sharing Beer and Bourbon.

Col. Shanks’s humor and intelligence is missed


General Sam Still Wants You!!

One last item that many of our newer members are unaware of and that is, how exactly is the Texas Army run? General Lewis set up a General Staff that decides rules and policies of the Texas Army. The General Staff members are appointed and consist of 5 members, each with a specific duty. Each member of the General Staff has one vote and decisions are made by concurrence.

Jeff Opperman, Our newest Knight of Texas as of April 21, 2017.


Steve Roberts newest member of the General Staff as Treasurer and newest Colonel as of April 21, 2017.


Quiz question from Texas History

Texas celebrates Texas Heroes Day at La Grange by honoring those who perished at what two events?

Answer: Next Dispatch.


On a recent visit to Bardstown, KY, Col. Tom Whitesides and myself saw a monument honoring the brave men many of whom gave their lives to free Texas from Mexico at the Goliad Massacre. These fellows were called “The Kentucky Mustangs” probably because of their fierce fighting spirit.


Until next issue, may the good Lord bless you and keep you safe—and Texas, too.


Saying Goodbye to Judge Paul Till

by Erlinda Tubbs

The Texas Army is sad to announce the passing of Colonel Paul Till. Judge Paul Health Till passed away on Wednesday, May 31, 2017.

Colonel Till has served the Army since 1977.

Colonel Till leaves behind his three sons and their wives.