Letter from former Governor Preston Smith (April 1994)

April 12, 1994

To the Colonels of the Texas Army:

The greatest honor that has been mine or my family was that of serving with the people of Texas as Governor.

Certainly we had many opportunities to serve the people progressively on many projects. One of our proudest achievements was than of re-activating the Texas Army.

On this occasion my very best wishes are extended to you on the twenty fifth anniversary of the formation of the Texas Army. Your dedication to perpetuating the the memory of the early Texas heroes has been most exemplary and has caused a resurgence of intrest in our rich heritage throughout the State. For Twenty five years you have given your time, money and energy in bringing to the people of Texas a colorful taste of history “in the flesh” as no other group has done before. I commend your efforts and want you to know that patriotism such as yours truly reflects the spirit of those first Texas Army volunteers who won freedom for Texas at the battle of San Jacinto 158 years ago.

Keep up the good work~the State of Texas is indebted to you.

Preston Smith

Governor of Texas 1969-1975