Recipes from the Past

I thought it would be interesting to once a month present recipes from the F&I War to the struggle of Texas Independence for use in your camp or for home. These recipes are taken from cook books of the time period described above. Hope you enjoy a taste from the past.

This first installment will be something we are all familiar with.

TO BAKE CORN MEAL BREAD (The Virginia Housewife, 1825)

Rub a piece of butter the size of an egg into a pint of corn meal. Make it a batter with two eggs and some new milk. Add a spoonful of yeast. Set it by the fire an hour to rise. Butter little pans and bake it.

Note: A pint of flour equals 2 cups. Whole milk can be used for the new milk. A modern tablespoon of dry yeast can be used. Set the batter in a warm place to rise. Bake using a pan of your choice in a 400 degree oven for twenty minutes.