Winter Camp Report

by The Texas Army

Mother Nature can be so cruel. The first date set for the Winter Camp was postponed because of rain. What did nature do, it was warm and sunny. The rescheduled weekend was suppose to be warm and sunny and what did we get…..cold, windy with chilling rain! No matter, for those that attended we had a great time. Our new camp location proved to be better than I first thought. The ground was sandy and easy to dig for our campfires and allowed the rain to drain off quickly. We did have a visitation from five horses and one big ol’ mule. Seemed they were curious about our setting up camp in their pasture. Luckily they were people friendly and enjoyed a good nose rubbing. Our other surprise guest was a troop of Boy Scouts that arrived late Friday night. Boy, what a hand full they were for their leaders. Some where in the late evening the camps were set and peace came to the night. Saturday morning came and with it a wind out of the north with a very cold, misty rain. Although not the ideal setting for qualifying for their commissions, three braves souls showed ready to take on Mother Nature. Those souls were Joe Southern, John Agnor and David Main. After an hour or so Joe and John had qualified but poor David’s gun was not up to snuff. With a brave heart David said he will get it done this year. Saturday evening the shared campfire was stoked and suppers were prepared. Sam and Amanda, Tony Montez, Michael Thompson and myself shared our food to create one heck of an evening meal. Sundries and stories abounding as we all regaled past stories of our time in the Texas Army and of our founder, Carrol Lewis “Curly” Jr. Sunday was still cold and wet and with the chance of hard rain on the way, those that had camped broke camp and with final farewells said we hit the road for home. My many “Thanks” go out to those that helped with the qualifying shoot keeping it safe and well organized. Great job guys! Attached is a picture of Joe and John with their plates. Congratulations to both of them.

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