San Jacinto Honored

by The Texas Army

On Sunday, April 21, 2019 fourteen members of the Texas Army gathered at the log cabin located at the George Ranch Historical Park to celebrate and to pay our respect to those brave men of the original Texas Army and their victory over the Mexican forces at the plain of San Jacinto.Musket and rifle salutes were fired to honor 1. Sam Houston I and the men of the Texas Army. 2. General Carroll Lewis (founder of the new Texas Army) and General Sam Houston IV for their efforts to keep Texas History alive. 3. Finally to the men and women serving in the U. S. Military and to our first responders. God bless them all.

After the salutes the Colonels and visitors gathered under the shade trees to present Colonel Commissions to Joe Southern and John Agnor, Welcome aboard gentlemen. Next Tony Montez, Joe Acosta and Mark Hegman was awarded the “Knights of Texas” certificates for their excellent work and dedication to the Texas Army. Thanks to all three of you. Last but not least, medals honoring the 50th anniversary of the Texas Army was given to those Colonels that were present.

After handshakes and pats on the back to our award recipients, those that could, gathered at “Rudy’s” BBQ for lunch and boy what a great lunch it was. No one ended the day hungry.

To those that had family obligations, the general staff hopes you had a wonderful easter.

Colonel Jerry Tubbs