The General Staff

The Texas Army operates by direction of the General Staff which consists of 5 members.   Vacancies are filled by consensus appointment of the staff.   Decisions are made by majority vote,  with each vote carrying equal value regardless of rank or grade.


CAMP & EVENT OFFICER / ARTILLERY OFFICER.       General Jerry Tubbs serves as the Camp & Event Officer. As a long-time artillery man, General Tubbs is the Artillery Officer in charge of all artillery operations.  General Tubbs  joined the Army in 1980, and has the longest tenure serving as member of the General Staff.  When in battle, you will usually see him commanding Texian or Mexican artillery units.  General Tubbs wife, Erlinda “Linda” Tubbs, has been very supportive of the Army and is often present as a reenactor at many of our events.  General Tubbs is a retired draftsman from the steel industry.  He and Erlinda reside in Houston, Texas.



ADJUTANT.       Brigadier General Tony Emmitte serves as the Adjutant.   The Adjutant is responsible for safety & discipline,  firearms qualifications, and recruiting activities.  Br General Emmitte has been a member of the Army since 2006.   Br General Emmitte is equally at home as a Texian Infantry Commander,  or as a Mexican Dragoon – dismounted cavalry.  A native Houstonian,  he still makes Houston his home where he owns his own construction & property management company.



COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER.          Colonel Randal Hankla serves as the Communications Officer for the Army.  Colonel Hankla authors the Texas Army Dispatch,  informs members of rule & policy changes,  creates event schedules, and records minutes of General Staff meetings. He also secures Texas Army Commissions from the Governor of Texas for presentation at the annual San Jacinto Ceremony.  Colonel Hankla joined the Army in 1972.  You will often find him on the field as one of the Mexican Cazadores.  A retired teacher and active author,  Colonel Hankla and his wife Yolanda reside in Houston, Texas.



AIDE DE CAMP.      Colonel Tony Tristan serves as Aide de Camp.  In this position, Colonel Tristan assists other General Staff members, primarily with duties in the execution of events.  Colonel Tristan also conducts all background investigations for prospective members; and processes new membership applications.  Colonel Tristan joined the Army in 1982.  You will often see him crewing one of the big guns of the artillery.   Colonel Tristan is a retired steel worker, and he lives in Sugarland, Texas with his wife Patty.


TREASURER.   Colonel Steve Roberts serves as the Treasurer of the Army.   As Treasurer,  he maintains an accounting of all money, materials, and assets of the Army;  issues payments due as well as collects accounts receivables;  and presents new Commissions from the Governor of Texas to Army members being promoted at the annual San Jacinto Ceremony.  Colonel Roberts joined the Army in 2013.  He can often be found horseback and riding with the Cavalry.  A local businessman in the construction industry,  he and his wife Anne live in Kingwood, Texas.