Logging into the Battleground using Facebook

Verify Email Address

Due to a recent change on Facebook, the email address associated with your Facebook profile might have been switched to a @facebook.com address without your acknowledgement. To log into the Texas Army Battleground using Facebook, you must first ensure that the email address you received your Welcome letter is your primary email address in Facebook. To check your email address settings in Facebook, log into Facebook as you normally would, click the down arrow to the right of Home in the upper-right, and select Account Settings.

The General Account Settings page on Facebook.

In the General Account Settings page that appears, your primary email address appears in the row labeled Email. If the email address is the same as where you received your Welcome letter, no further action is needed on your part. If the email address is not the same, you can either inform us of the change so we can update our system or you can change your email address on Facebook to the correct address.

Logging into the Battleground

Once you’ve verified your email address, you will be able to log into the Battleground. Click the link to the Battleground in your Welcome letter. At the log in page, you will see the list of various web services available. Click Facebook to continue.

The login screen for the Texas Army Battleground.

If you have not already logged into Facebook, Facebook’s log in screen will appear. Log into Facebook as you normally would.

After logging in, you will be asked to authorize The Texas Army web site access to your Facebook account. The only piece of information The Texas Army web site will be able to use is your email address so that we can match it to the one we have on record. Once you’ve authorized the Texas Army web site, you will not see this screen again. To grant access, click the Log In with Facebook button.

Authorizing access to your Facebook account.

Upon authorizing, you will be logged into the Texas Army Battleground.